Tabitha Babbitt - Circular Saw

Circular Saw

There are great new inventions created my men every year like iPads, iPods, HP Computers, HTC phones, but on this web site I'm dedicated to only talking about inventions by women. I just had my first daughter and I want to be able to teach her about great women inventors. Toys for little girls are focused on making them just want to shop and look pretty like barbie. So, I want to get her good toys for her mind and also teach her some history.

Tabitha Babbitt who was born in 1784 was an early American woman tool maker who invented the first circular saw used in a saw mill. She created this in 1813. She was watching men use the difficult two-man pit saw when she noticed that half of their motion was wasted. The first circular saw she made is in Albany, New York.

She also shares the invention of cut nails with Eli Whitney.

It is said that that Tabitha Babbitt also invented a process for the manufacture of false teeth and an improved spinning wheel head.

She was a member of the Shaker community in Harvard, Massachusetts and Babbitt never patented any of her inventions.